From the beginning, it was always about winning. The game
changed in 1986, when SCA opened its doors.

Founded by Bob Hamman, an international bridge-playing
champion known for his math and odds-calculating prowess,
SCA began business. Read more about Bob here...

Today, SCA partners with advertising agencies, big brands, and
other ROI-minded clients to implement the most effective,
highest-return promotions, sweepstakes, games, and contests
in the industry. SCA offers an entire suite of classic promotions
and cutting-edge digital promotions from which to choose, each
proven through years of successful implementation to meet or
exceed client marketing objectives.


Our clients' customers win because we offer a chance to
be awarded large, valuable prizes. Our clients win because
they have a cost-controlled, risk-free, hassle-free way to
make their marketing efforts stand out from the crowd. Since 1986, SCA has covered billions of dollars and paid over $183 million in cash and prizes.

Unlike some other promotional marketing companies,
SCA makes promotions easy. Have a great concept?
We’ll work with you to implement it. Need everything
from A to Z? We’ll supply that, and more, within your
budget and your timeframe. Just need an expert to
handle the legalities? Done.

Since our beginnings, SCA has successfully implemented
and fulfilled hundreds of thousands of promotions for a
wide variety of industries. We are always thinking of new
and better ways to engage, motivate, and inspire your
target market.