Want to boost sales, drive traffic, generate leads and gain attention for your business or your client's brand? SCA's award-winning promotions and team of industry experts provide the solutions you need to achieve your goals.

If you are an agency, SCA is prepared to provide you with as much – or as little – service as you need to deliver a successful promotion to your client. We can be a silent partner simply providing prize coverage and security or we can provide a wide range of ancillary services to complement your agency's efforts.

Give us a call today to find out how our proven three-tier promotion strategy can work for you.


In the media-saturated marketplace, getting your message to the target audience can be a real challenge. We understand that lackluster offers can fail to inspire action, but if you sweeten the deal too much you'll blow your budget. SCA's prize coverage helps you strike the perfect balance to attract attention without breaking the bank.

For a fixed fee, just a small fraction of the prize value, SCA will cover your attention-grabbing prize – $100,000, $1 million, or more – with no risk to you. With your grand prize coverage secure, your budget is freed up for designing and marketing your perfectly tailored promotion.


With the lure of a life-changing grand prize, your promotion will inspire action from your target market to meet your company's objectives. Our innovative promotion solutions can be customized for:

  • Lead generation
  • Traffic building
  • Redemption rate forecasting
  • Digital and social promotions
  • Sports contests
  • And much more

SCA has proven promotion ideas for any industry or any event. We made it possible for Pepsi and its agency to offer a whopping $1 Billion prize, Taco Bell to award $1 Million live on national TV, and superstar LeBron James to tackle a lucky contestant who sunk a half-court shot for $150,000 at a Miami game.


The beauty of an SCA promotion is that when it's time to deliver your end of the bargain, we'll give you the money to award the prize if you have a winner. It's as simple as that. SCA has awarded over $188 million in cash and prizes, and our payouts are prompt and in-full. You take the spotlight, while we take all the risk.

Take a look around our web site – we have lots of great promotion ideas and examples to help get you started. From sports promotions to sweepstakes to promotions that take advantage of the latest in technology, we have everything you need to develop a winning promotion.

Our History

The foundations of SCA were laid in 1986 in Dallas, TX when industry pioneer, odds maker, and insurance specialist Bob Hamman opened the doors of SCA to the world of promotional prize coverage. He recognized a simple fact: everyone responds to a chance to win a life-changing prize – and Hamman himself is no stranger to winning. He's a 12-time world champion bridge player and was the top-ranked individual in the world for over 20 years. Read more about Bob here…

Almost 30 years later, his vision and creativity have inspired our dedicated team of promotions experts to tackle some of the toughest promotional challenges spanning hundreds of thousands of promotions. From humble beginnings in hole-in-one contests and tagged fish promotions, SCA has been the world's largest provider of promotional risk coverage since the birth of the industry. Working with companies ranging from small startups to globally recognized brands, SCA has covered billions of dollars in risk and awarded over $189 million in cash and prizes.

Today, with offices in Dallas, London, Calgary, and Las Vegas, SCA's focus is on providing the most effective, highest-return promotions, sweepstakes, games, and contests in the industry. SCA offers an entire suite of classic promotions and cutting-edge digital promotions, each proven through years of successful implementation to meet or exceed client marketing objectives. Our team of experts also provides an unrivaled level of service in developing custom promotions to fit your specific needs. No promotion idea is too big or too outlandish for us to provide coverage for.