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For more than 27 years, agencies have been utilizing SCA’s prize coverage and over-redemption protection as their secret tool to afford cutting-edge promotions without the budget risk.

How can prize coverage help improve your business?

Promotions are designed to give consumers a compelling reason to take action. Marketers are constantly striving for creative ways to deliver results within a budget. Prize coverage can give you the leverage to offer ‘attention-getting’ prizes that impact consumer behavior while limiting your risk.

Manage Your Risk. Don’t Let Risk Manage You.

With constant budgetary and creative pressures from brands, developing innovative promotions can be a risky proposition. Consumer behavior can be extremely difficult to predict and redemption that exceeds the budget can be devastating to your bottom line. Don’t hang yourself out on a limb; cover yourself and the promotion with SCA’s over-redemption coverage.

How is our fee calculated?

By tapping into our robust library of case studies and unique actuarial talents, we develop an expected payout for your offer. The metrics utilized in determining our fee will vary depending upon whether the chance to win a prize is mathematical, behavior-based, or a combination thereof. The ultimate benefit being a predetermined, fixed fee to you and the peace that comes with knowing that if someone gets lucky or redemption is off the charts, SCA will pay. Typical programs can be covered for 2%-10% of the total prize exposure.

Unique technical solutions for online hosting

Born out of agency client needs, we have acquired a robust platform and state-of-the art hosting facility that has carried some of the largest online games to date, including the national McDonald’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” promotion that recorded over 1,000,000 plays in a single day.

SCA Promotions’ Services:

  • Prize Coverage and Over-Redemption Protection
  • Redemption forecasting
  • High level game piece seeding and distribution
  • Secure online hosting for registration and game play
  • Game of Chance Surety Bonds for New York, Florida and Rhode Island

Leverage your Prize Budget

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