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Big businesses and brands have big goals for their marketing plans. Whether it's a grand opening, product launch, or primetime sweepstakes, brands and their agencies have the tough task of captivating massive audiences with truly innovative ideas and incentives that will turn them into brand champions.

Prize Coverage and Your Campaign

The challenge for agencies, of course, is to develop an awe-inspiring campaign that a) fits your client's closed-loop budget and b) captures the largest share of their target demographic. Influencing customer behavior is challenging enough without adding budget limitations to the equation. By entering into a partnership with SCA and using prize coverage, you can multiply your budget to offer attention-grabbing incentives such as a cash prize of $1 million or a new luxury home. For nearly 30 years, large brands around the world have turned to SCA Promotions time and time again for promotional coverage.

Take the Risk Out, Keep the Reward

In a crowded marketplace, the incentives your clients offer make their product stand out and capture their consumers' attention. Prizes with a large cash value (up to $1 billion) will allow you to stand out from the advertising clutter. Taking the risk on an offer of this magnitude would be a lofty goal for any client's budget. But with SCA's prize coverage, the cost is defined in advance, based on a fixed percentage of the total prize pool with no added surprises.

Calculating your Prize Coverage

Using a highly analytical approach, we comb three decades of past promotions and a wealth of actuarial knowledge to develop an expected payout for your promotion's offer. We factor in whether the chance to win the prize is mathematical, skill-based, or a combination of the two. This also applies to coupon offers and other redemption promotions, so that you don't have to worry about blowing your client's budget when the promotion is a hit and over-redeems.

The end result is a fixed fee for your client's promotion. If a customer wins the grand prize, we pay for it. All of it no questions, no strings attached.

The Whole Promotions Package

SCA is prepared to provide your agency with as much or as little service as you need to deliver a successful promotion to your client. We can be a silent partner simply providing prize coverage and security or we can provide a wide range of ancillary services to complement your agency's efforts. For assistance with Bonding & Registration or other sweepstakes-related services, call SCA Promotions to find out how we can help.

Prize coverage from SCA Promotions allows you to turn heads with your campaign, both in the marketplace and the client conference room. Contact us today to begin building a custom promotional solution that gives a 'Wow!' factor for your clients and their customers.


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