Packaged Goods and Contests

To a consumer, a product package is merely a vessel to help wrap what they want. But consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies know that packaging is a very powerful marketing tool. After all, how many children at the grocery store reach for the box of cereal with the plain packaging? Companies use their packaging as an extra arm of advertising. Some consumers walk down the aisle your product is in with no brand loyalty. They know they need Product X, but it makes no difference to them if it’s from Company Y or Company Z. It comes to what we call a ‘coin toss’.

The packaging of your products is where you can catch the eye of not only the casual shopper, but also your competition’s loyal consumer. Many brands and their agencies have looked to SCA Promotions to help them win the ‘coin toss’ by using on-pack or in-pack promotions that offer consumers a chance to win cash and great prizes. No two promotions are alike, so SCA crafts each one specifically for your brand to help capture excitement and motivate consumers to purchase.

The best part is that your promotional budget is fixed before the promotion even begins. For a small fixed fee, a portion of grand prize value, SCA Promotions secures the risk and gives you the money to award the prize if there is a winner. For example;

- Pepsi consumers in the Southeast region were eligible to win $205,000 if Jeff Gordon won a race held in their market. He won, and Pepsi sent a lucky couple home with a check.
- Sara Lee offered $500,000 towards the purchase of a home to one purchaser of their State Fair Brand corndogs. Many others won prizes as well after entering information online.

Promotions such as these use the packaging to turn those ‘coin flip’ consumers into loyal ones. They don’t have to win the contest to become a loyal consumer either. Consumers like to be recognized, and contests are a great way for them to feel like they are getting something extra with your product.

Start winning the millions of ‘coin toss’’ happening in stores all over the world right now and contact SCA for a free contest quote.

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