Standing out at Trade Shows

Trade shows are the beginning of beautiful new business relationships in many industries. It can be the perfect sales storm – you get to display all of what your amazing company has to offer to a captive audience. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what hundreds of other vendors are doing as well. Trade shows are famous for their giveaways, models, and flashing lights, all in an effort to drive more people to their booth so they can capture leads. If you constantly find your company losing foot traffic because of another company’s “attractions,” SCA can help you beat them at their own game by raising the bar to unbeatable levels.

For Cardtronics, SCA developed a contest that you could drive home. Looking to create buzz at the BAI Retail Delivery Conference, Cardtronics placed a Ferrari 360 Spider at their booth, offering a chance for anyone to win it. SCA’s PrizeKiosk™ contest let contestants enter the last six digits of their credit card – a nice tie-in to Cardtronics’ business – and if those numbers matched the ones pre-selected by SCA, they could drive home in the Ferrari. The results were undeniable: Cardtronics captured six times more leads than at the previous year’s show.  They were also the talk of the entire conference.

SCA Promotions also developed a hand-held promotion using the revolutionary Apple iPad. Because people flocked to these products at the retail level, we surmised they would respond the same at a trade show. The PrizePad™ comes loaded with the game of your choice for use on the trade show floor. The PrizePad allows your representatives to roam the entire trade show booth or event looking for prospects. Contestants get to play a fun game for a chance at a great prize, and you collect information for your database. EMC, an information technology company, used the PrizePad at several different trade shows and achieved tremendous results. EMC reported that they received approximately 2,000 game plays (and thus, potential customer information) at the EMC World show, and that contestants enjoyed the added thrill factor.

Another exhibitor, ProMPI used our promotional slot machine, the JackPot™ Machine contest to draw people to their booth. The grand prize, if the machine landed on all 7s, was a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Many attendees lined up to pull the lever and try their luck, while many more simply wanted to look at the awe-inspiring Harley. ProMPI increased their lead totals by more than 400, while spending $17,000 less compared to their typical marketing plan. They also stood out in a crowded trade show.

Trade show contests remain the best way to make your company a must-visit destination in a crowd. You know how easily your booth can fade into the background otherwise. Contact us today to start standing out – and collecting more leads.

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2 Responses to “Standing out at Trade Shows”

  1. Anders says:

    Very interesting applications.People love playing games and winning prizes. I will definitely keep this in mind for my clients if they are in need of a lead capture game.

  2. Cre8 Agency says:

    Great tips to stand out at a trade show. Exhibitors often times don’t come up with clever ways to draw more attention to their booth. I will be recommending your blog and tips to my clients in the future. Thanks!

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