Turn Your Likes into Leverage

Interactive ContestsIf the current state of the Internet could be summed up in one word, it would be ‘Social.’ Social sites, such as Facebook, rule the bandwidth.
According to Google, Facebook was the most visited site in 2011, by a large margin. But, if you’re a business, you probably already know this and have a dedicated Facebook page. You’ve been posting great content and have gotten plenty of “Likes,” but “Likes” won’t keep the lights on. So, how do you turn numbers into dollars?

Many businesses have discovered the power of holding contests in their stores. The various types of games are not only a great way to give your customers chances to win great prizes, but they also increase customer loyalty, boost sales, and create buzz for your company. As technology continues to advance, SCA is maintaining its status as the world’s leading provider of promotional risk coverage by providing instant win contests on your own Facebook page.

The benefit of utilizing your Facebook page and other social media audiences for contests is that you don’t need to spend extra time and money gaining people’s attention. For a typical in-store contest, you would need to advertise your contest – on television, radio or in a newspaper – for it to gain traction. But online, customers who are following your business have already agreed to receive your news and content. You just have to give it to them. Nothing will grab their attention like the chance to win life-changing cash or a prize such as vacations for life, his and her cars, or a $25,000 shopping spree.

Our interactive contests are the same as any of our other contests – fun for your customers and affordable for the business. At SCA, we use a unique system called “promotional risk coverage.” This allows businesses to offer fantastic prizes, $1 million for instance, while only paying for a small fraction of the actual prize. This places the risk on us, allowing you to fix your promotional budget and remove all financial risks. By using our promotional risk coverage, you can offer amazing prizes while only paying for a small portion of the money out of pocket. If someone wins the contest, SCA promptly pays the rest.

Our Facebook and other interactive contests are a great way to drive brand recognition and loyalty. Our contests can be played right on your Facebook page. These contests are also an opportunity for you to grow your database of customer information and establish new relationships with current and potential customers. If you’re ready to turn all your social followers into dollars, read more about our interactive contests. Sign up for a free promotional quote now to start turning followers into cash flow!

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