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Grand Slam Promotion Rewards
Customers, Boosts Listenership

Kansas City, MO - For the sixth year in a row, Sonic has gained great publicity by giving customers the chance to win $25,000 in the Sonic Grand Slam. For the first time this year, Sonic is teaming up with the Kansas City Royals radio and television network to achieve additional exposure and awareness for the event, which is held in Sonic's central region.

Customers receive an entry form to complete and mail in at Sonic Drive-Ins. During each Kansas City Royals game this season, one entry is randomly chosen, and the winner's name is announced.

The crowd waits in suspense to see if a Royals player will hit a grand slam in the current game's sixth inning, earning the winner $25,000, paid by SCA! Regardless of whether a grand slam occurs, Sonic also awards the winner two tickets to a future game and free Sonic meals.

"We find this promotion so rewarding to run," says a Sonic rep. "It's a way to drive in business, but it is also wonderful to reward our local customers." To date this season, over 7,000 Sonic customers have sent in entries.

To keep the game exciting, Sonic also awards a separate $100 if there's a home run in the sixth inning. The pot builds from game to game until a home run is hit, creating a sizable payout.

Just a few weeks into the season on April 20th, Ron Adams, a retiree from Independence, Missouri, won big when the Royals right fielder Matt Stairs hit a grand slam against the Cleveland Indians.

"This is the first time we've had a player hit the grand slam so early in the season, and it has helped increase excitement and awareness of the promotion," notes a PR representative for Sonic.

The Royals network agrees: "Having a winning promotion helps the Royals bring in more sponsorships, listeners, and viewers," says a network representative.

Bottom Line
A simple prize promotion added to a sponsorship package can increase awareness and value for sponsors as well as increase fan excitement. Now in it's sixth year, the $25,000 Sonic Grand Slam continues to successfully leverage Sonic's sponsorship.

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