Have you ever wondered how companies can offer consumers
the chance to win $100,000 without requiring a marketing
budget to match?

Highly creative marketers are always looking for new and
innovative ways to build their brands.  With creativity and
innovation comes risk. Not taking risk can result in lost
opportunities.  With SCA’s prize coverage and over-
redemption protection, you can transfer your risk and plan
promotional expenses to the penny.

SCA figures the odds of a winner or expected response in a
particular promotion. We then secure the coverage for the prize
offered. Fees are typically 3-15% of the actual prize
value being offered.

Grand Prize Coverage

Typically associated with probability games and skill
contests, a large prize ($25,000, $100,000, $1,000,000
or even up to $1 billion) can be offered with zero risk
to the promotion sponsor. In the event a consumer
beats the odds, SCA pays.

Over-Redemption Coverage

You can protect your brand from budget disasters
resulting from too many offers being redeemed by
consumers.   Consumer behavior is unpredictable
and a slight uptick in redemption rate can be
devastating to the bottom line.  For a fixed fee, any
redemption in excess of expectation will be paid by SCA.