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| October 10, 2013

4 Complaints Consumers Have About Promotions

Consumers need a reason to connect with your brand instead of your competitors. It could be the quality, price, a location or any other combination of unique identifiers can attract people to purchase a product or service from you. Often, companies and organizations turn to promotions to extend their reach and activate customers, existing or potential, to engage with their brands.

However, not every promotion is successful because of roadblocks that may be created during the design, development and deployment stages. Here are four common issues.

1.      Dull Prize Structure

A winner should be happy they won, right? Unfortunately a lackluster prize can yield even less impressive results. Give your audience a prize to get excited about. Your promotion should tell participants that you are just as serious about creating winners as you are about gaining new customers.

Marketers are often intimidated by big prizes because they are concerned that they don’t have a budget to support them. However, the marketplace has changed with the introduction of new technologies and platforms that allow companies to include more attractive prizes at a fraction of the cost. This is accomplished with a prize coverage protection plan. It allows marketers to be more flexible with their budget and still entice potential fans.

2.      Unclear Promotions Mechanics

Reading the fine print and accepting the terms and conditions can stand in the way of anyone hoping to take part in your promotion. If the language in your promotion is complicated and needs to be interpreted by an experienced lawyer, there’s a good chance it will cause roadblocks. Consider these questions:

  • Will it require a purchase or another action for the customer to enter?
  • What are the odds of winning?
  • How long will the promotion run?
  • Is it an online only contest?

Be specific when it comes to the activation and prize rules. Your consumers will thank you.

3.      Unprepared for the Response

Working with a great idea and promoting it with an iconic spokesperson has its benefits and is sure to draw attention. If your company goes this route, it also needs to be sure to plan accordingly. If you underestimate the appeal of the promotion – and the figure backing it – the result can lead to angry and disappointed consumers.

To avoid situations like this, explicitly plan out what the activation guidelines will be for your promotion. This can take several forms in your terms of conditions:

  • One entry per day
  • One coupon per order
  • Only valid within specific hours
  • First come basis

You should also ensure that you have more than enough product or supplies to deliver on request. The last thing you want to do is turn away potential or dedicated customers because of poor planning.

4.      Broken Communication Chain

Nothing frustrates customers and employees more than miscommunication. If a customer sees a promotion and intentionally arrives at your place of business because of it, they expect that your team knows the ins and outs. If your staff isn’t prepared to handle customer demands, you’re sure to hear about it in a negative way.

Keep the lines of communication open when you’re deploying a promotion. Even if it is only applicable to your online properties, make sure customer-facing employees have the information to answer any questions.

Have you run into issues with successfully activating your audience with past promotions? Let SCA help! With more than 27 years of experience, it is our passion to help brands get the most out of their marketing efforts. Contact us today for a complimentary quote.


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