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| September 23, 2013

Attract Radio Listeners In Order to Build Relationships

A radio DJ not only plays music, adds commentary or tells jokes, he or she also must establish a connection with the audience in order to build listenership. That personality can earn a coveted place in listeners’ lives as he or she is built into their daily routines – whether it’s on the drive to work, during lunch, or while commuting home in the evening.

For marketers, this is valuable real estate.  It can take years, however, to develop the type of loyal following that radio stations need to boost ratings and attract national and local businesses.  Convincing listeners to switch to your station when there are three other stations in town playing the same format can be difficult unless you offer an incentive the other stations can’t match – such as the chance to win a life-changing prize.

Canadian radio station CFCW wanted to increase ratings, so it initiated a Visible Vault™ promotion with a $1 million grand prize. The station increased revenue by partnering with local businesses to host the Vault, which moved every weekday to a different location.

Contestants had to tune in to find out where the Vault would be each day.  They lined up at each location to attempt to unlock the Vault and win the grand prize. The $1 Million grand prize provided sponsors with an increase in foot traffic. Just 20 days into the contest, the winning code was entered and the radio station was able to give away the largest grand prize in Canada’s history. The success of the contest generated invaluable media attention from other outlets.

Promotions used to attract and engage listeners can also tie in multiple stations. Sunrise Broadcasting and its five radio properties created the “Bracket Challenge for $50,000” to tie in with the Men’s College Basketball Tournament. Participants could enter their brackets at any of the five station websites. In addition to the chance to win the grand prize, listeners also had the opportunity to win first and second prizes equal to $11,500.

It’s hard to build upon a successful promotion but that doesn’t make it impossible. Washington D.C. based radio station, WWZZ-FM wanted to keep the momentum going into spring after a great fall quarter. With SCA’s help, it launched a 3-tier, 12-week on-air Birthday Bash contest.

During WWZZ’s weekday morning program, it announced a month and listeners born in that month could call in for a chance to be number 35 and win $1,004. The contestant could then give his or her birthday or random day within that month and if it matched the preselected date, they could increase their winnings to $5,004. The final tier of the program allowed the winner of the previous two rounds to guess a preselected year between 1934 and 1980 for the 1,000,004 grand prize. One lucky winner walked away with the grand prize and the station gained the benefits of a lottery-type promotion without having to foot the million dollar bill.

If you’re a radio station manager who wants to take promotional efforts to another level, contact us to start exploring your options with SCA Promotions.


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