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| August 11, 2011

Avoid Situations Like This….

Have you ever quashed a creative idea because it’s too risky, or been too nervous to execute a promotion for fear of unknown or unanticipated results?  Well, you’re not alone!  When it comes to creative promotional marketing, history has taught us that when you don’t involve experts, you can land yourself in a sticky situation!

Take for example the 1992 promotional fiasco the Hoover Company landed in when they offered free airline tickets to customers who purchased more than £100 worth of their products.  The company assumed (and you know what they say about assumptions) the promotion would encourage consumers to purchase their more expensive products, as the airline tickets would make them worth the hefty price tag.  What Hoover didn’t anticipate was the large number of consumers that would read the fine print and purchase only £100 worth of their products, simply to earn the more valuable airline tickets promised.  Even consumers who didn’t need or want a Hoover product were willing to buy an inexpensive model, which they might never use, just to get the far more valuable airline tickets.

All the vacuums in the world couldn’t clean up the mess that ensued!  The company found itself overwhelmed by the demand for tickets, not to mention new vacuum cleaners!  It didn’t take long for them to start defaulting on their promotional promises, resulting in court cases and international bad publicity.  It cost the company five years and almost £50 million to resolve the issues generated by the poorly planned promotion, and ultimately resulted in parent company Maytag selling off their British division to an Italian manufacturer.

The experts at SCA Promotions can help you avoid situations like this.  Here at SCA we offer more than just grand prize coverage; you can also turn to us for over-redemption coverage and avoid crippling situations like this one!  Over-redemption coverageprotects companies from budget disasters resulting from too many promotional offers being redeemed by consumers.  Consumer behavior is unpredictable and a slight uptick in redemption rate can be devastating to the bottom line.  For a fixed fee SCA Promotions will pay for any redemption in excess of expectations.  So don’t put your company, marketing budget, or JOB at risk!  Let your creative ideas take flight and never worry about unexpected payouts with over-redemption coverage from SCA Promotions.  For more information, visit http://scapromotions.com/prizecoverage.htm or contact us at 888-860-3770, or by e-mail at scainfo@scapromo.com.

Want to read more about risky promotions that could have avoided disaster by consulting with promotion experts at SCA Promotions and securing over-redemption coverage?  Check out this article:  http://www.cracked.com/article_19334_the-5-biggest-disasters-in history-marketing-ideas.html.


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