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| December 9, 2013

How to Match a Promotion to the Right Basketball Team

What is the purpose of timeouts and halftime? To give the players and officials a break from running up and down the court, right? Fans want the most out of their experience at sporting events, and breaks in play disrupt that experience. Promotions are a great way for teams, brands, or companies to fill in that gap with engaging contests that keep energy levels high and eyes focused on their brand.

Whenever you’re designing a promotion, you always want to tailor it to the event and audience as much as possible. We created five categories that describe the offensive ability of basketball teams and matched them with on-court promotions that will launch your brand or company.


Teams in this category are exciting to watch and will keep fans on the edge of their seats. From high-flying dunks to fast breaks to buzzer beaters – these teams reel in fans by the thousands every season.

You can match the intensity of these teams with a promotion that puts it all on the line: a single or timed sequence half-court shot.  This is a fan favorite!   During the halftime of a Miami game last season, fan Michael Drysch drained a shot worth $150,000 and the arena (and social media) exploded immediately and for weeks following the game!

Dynamic and Creative

These types of teams take the basics to a whole new level. The players have no problem throwing no-look passes and shooting from anywhere on the court. These teams do it all offensively.

Follow the energy of these teams with a Shot Sequence promotion. The fan must make a lay-up, free throw, top-of-the-key and half-court shot within a given amount of time. You choose whether the contest is timed or untimed.


The players on this team have been in the league long enough to see a little bit of everything. They’ve had plenty of time to perfect their skills and be called ‘clutch’ when the game is coming down to the wire. Some players have a signature move that fans expect to see each game.

That’s why we paired the veterans with the classic Around the World promotion. The selected fan is given five places around the three-point line to shoot from. The contestant wins if he or she makes all five. For the ultimate fan experience, veteran players stand at each of the five places coaching and cheering on the fan.

High Scoring

Not only do teams in this category keep the game interesting, they accumulate points quickly, performing like a well-oiled machine. Players get on a shooting streak that makes the crowd noise deafening for the visiting team. They make shooting from anywhere on the court as easy as a layup.

The Pick a Spot promotion is the best match for these teams. The fan must make two shots in the same spot on both sides of the court. Two made baskets equals a grand prize winner.

 From Beyond the Arc

Winning teams have at least one beyond the arc shooter within their ranks. When these players shoot from the three point line, you’re looking for the swish of the net and the three fingers in the air signal from the official. They’re just that good.

You can give your fans the opportunity to earn more money with each shot from long range with a timed 3-Point Shootout promotion.  The contestant will have five stations evenly positioned along the three-point line. For every shot made, the prize money earned is compounded at the rate of your choosing. (1st – $100, 2nd – $500, 3rd – $1,500 etc.) How much the fan wins depends on how fast he or she can sink the basket and move onto the next station.

No matter if the contestant wins or loses, your brand or team will still be the center of attention during the game. SCA Promotions offers these promotions and more, as well as promotional risk coverage, allowing you to offer large prizes without financial risk. Contact us at 1-888-860-3770 or send us an email at scainfo@scapromo.com to learn more.


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