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| January 29, 2014

How to Plan Your Exhibit Booth Location

Ask anyone who has exhibited at a tradeshow and they’ll tell you there’s more to it than placing booths in neat rows. For exhibitors, location matters. And, many times, location placement is selected behind-the-scenes by the show organizers.  However, there are various strategies exhibitors can implement to ensure their location is perfect for traffic and engagement.

High Traffic – The Good & Bad

What’s great about high traffic areas? You get more eyes on your booth. The bad? A lot of that traffic is just trying to get past the traffic. It’s common to think that the best spots in a tradeshow are down the center aisle where most of the traffic will funnel in and out of. If you’re interested in simply handing out a lot of cards and materials, then be prepared to do just that. The center aisle may get the most traffic, but that also means you’ll have difficulty holding meaningful conversations. You don’t want to miss out on qualified clients because they can’t reach your booth or because the flow of the crowd causes them to miss you entirely.

Look for Opportunities

Plan Your Exhibit Booth

Prime booth location is usually determined by seniority, space needed and, of course, money. If you end up in an undesirable location, don’t start to panic. Cancellations by other exhibitors can give you an exit strategy out of a bad spot. Follow-up with your event organizers about cancellations and cross reference new spots with your current one to evaluate whether it’s truly the best move.

Look for spaces surrounded by multiple traffic avenues. This means that there are more than two ways for traffic to flow to and from your booth, so you don’t have an area that is congested. You should familiarize yourself with entrance and exit points, bathrooms, food courts and lounge areas. Remember, attendees will take the time to travel the floor, but you shouldn’t rely on a directory to send traffic your way. What you ultimately need is a way to command your audience’s attention – a solution that connects with their needs and interests.

Stand Out

Regardless of the size or location of your booth, it should make a statement. What is your company about? What do you offer? Why should people stop? These are questions, also known as unique selling propositions (USPs), you should answer in your exhibit planning phase. The answers present the foundation for any creative element you want to employ.

Interactive event promotions are crowd favorites and can be customized to fit your booth space. Table tops and floor space can all be transformed to a game arena for attendees to play games with head-turning prizes ranging from a Ferrari 360 Spider to cash or destination trips.

Tired of having tradeshow conferences pass you by without quality leads and sales? Transform your booth space with an interactive element from SCA Promotions. Contact us today and let us help you plan, execute and evaluate your next tradeshow strategy.


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