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| August 18, 2016

Interview with Mondogoal’s VP of Marketing, Chris Mazzone

SCA is partnering with Daily Fantasy soccer site Mondogoal for their Perfect Million contest. Check them out here.

Our soccer specialist had some questions for them. Mondogoal’s VP of Marketing, Chris Mazzone had the answers:

SCA: Daily fantasy players have choices. What sets Mondogoal’s product apart?

Chris Mazzone: Mondogoal offers more international football leagues and competitions around the world than any other operator by a wide margin. We are up over 20+ leagues and competitions now and also the only site that has recognized the women’s game with contests during the Olympics and World Cup. Additionally, we are official partners of two of the most valuable franchises in all of sport (Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona), as well as other teams around the world. We are also partners with the world’s largest PC football game (Football Manager). These partnerships allow us to offer unique prizes in addition to our large guaranteed cash leagues. If you truly love football and fantasy football, Mondogoal is the place to play.

SCA: For a league like Brazil, where there’s a lot of squad rotation, is setting fantasy player salaries for the salary cap especially difficult?

CM: We have a custom salary algorithm that does most of the hard work. We can account for any number of factors that help with accuracy of the salaries. Salaries don’t have to be spot on/flawless though, as long as they are the same and fair for everyone. Part of the fun is trying to find what you believe to be a good value — a particular player where our algorithm may not have valued a player as high as you feel he should have been. Taking advantage of that can be the difference between winning and losing.

SCA: Tell us a little bit about your scoring system. If I’m building a team, what types of players should I be looking for?

CM: It was important to us to create a scoring system that had value for every player on the field, without making it too complicated to follow along live. You should be able to watch a game live and know someone earned you fantasy points for a particular play without having to check our real time scoreboard every 10 seconds. Naturally, there’s still a heavy emphasis on those who are involved in goals, and the defenders/keepers who maintain clean sheets. The beauty of the Mondogoal scoring system is that we’ve seen people be successful with multiple strategies and all different lineup formations.

SCA: If I wanted to load up on players from teams that score a lot but also concede a lot, is that a useful strategy?

CM: Mondogoal contests last just one day so that significantly impacts your strategy compared to a season long league. If a team that normally lets in a lot of goals has a good matchup that week, it could be a great strategy as their defenders will probably be cheap based on recent form, but could come up big with a shutout. That being said, if you’re loading up on players in a 4-3 match, you’ll need to have players that are in on the goals in order to win.

SCA: Do your stats show an edge for any particular formations in specific leagues?

CM: Wouldn’t you like to know! I won’t say what is most successful, but most people gravitate toward playing three forwards because everyone likes to go for glory with goal scorers.

SCA: Our company’s DNA goes back to fantasy games where contestants clipped entry forms out of newspapers. (Honest!) What’s the best part about doing all this online?

CM: Without a doubt, it’s the fun and convenience. You can now create a team or multiple teams of all your favorite players and play in any number of contests against friends or other people from around the world, in a matter of minutes. Real-time live scoring takes the excitement and engagement to a whole new level. It doesn’t hurt that you have the chance to win some cash as well.

SCA: Mondogoal is an official partner of three of Spain’s biggest rival clubs: Valencia, Barcelona and 11-time European Champions Real Madrid. Has that raised a few eyebrows?

CM: These rivalries do extend off the pitch to a certain extent. These clubs don’t typically partner with a lot of the same brands, but it wasn’t surprising to us that we were able to work with all of them. Ultimately it just speaks to the quality of our product. You mentioned earlier the sheer number of choices that fantasy sports players have in the daily space. Clubs have the same options for partnerships and yet these extremely powerful, valuable, rival teams have all chosen Mondogoal as the best-in-class product to work with.

SCA: What needs to happen to get even more people playing daily fantasy sports?

CM: It’s just a matter of time and awareness. People already have a game they love in the season long model so they aren’t necessarily actively seeking something new. Just like you used to clip newspapers and it took time for people to learn about the online options and gravitate toward them. The same evolution will happen from online season long to daily. There’s only so many ad dollars to go around and so many millions of people yet to be reached, but the daily game has shown the ability to convert traditional fantasy sports players and reach a whole new audience of fans so, there is no doubt that fantasy sports will continue to trend positively for the daily format.

SCA: Just because we’re fans of The Guardian‘s interview style, we’ve got to ask: who’d win a Mondogoal heads-up battle between a lion and a tiger, and why?

CM: Obviously a tiger, this is a game of skill. Brute force won’t help you here.

SCA: Any final thoughts for our readers?

CM: Just that if you enjoy sports, you need to give the daily fantasy game a try. It will change the way you play and take your enjoyment of sports to a whole new level.

It’s even easier than ever with our recently released apps for iOS and android which you can download at Mondogoal.com/mobile. If for some reason you do not like the experience, there is a money back guarantee for your first contest.

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