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| September 27, 2013

Introducing The Prize SDK™ – A New Way to Make Your Promotions Actionable

What motivates your target audience? Bragging rights, exclusive content, or is it something else? Even if you have discovered what that behavioral driver is, you still have to compete with so many other distractions – unless you know how to truly stand out.

Few things can hold a person’s attention like a mobile application. When you’re trying to reach the next level of a game, your focus is air tight until you absolutely have to look away. This ability to hold one’s attention is what marketers want to take advantage of but many are missing the right incentive to inspire a desired action.

Marketing technology company CataBoom™ (a subsidiary of SCA Promotions) has created a prize software development kit, The Prize SDK™, to make every mobile app, game release, online marketing campaign or social media play a success. It has integrated the intelligence from software and game developers with the strengths of brand activation to motivate customers on a new level.

The Prize SDK works within your designated app and motivates behaviors such as:

  • Download an app
  • Play a game
  • Watch/listen to content
  • Like or Follow
  • Play/use longer
  • Increase traffic
  • Share content
  • Revisit
  • Post content
  • Register

Just ask yourself, “How can I persuade my audience to use my app or game more?” While extra coins, exclusive content or power-ups can definitely move the needle on engagement – why not think bigger? With The Prize SDK you can attach an incentive that gives your audience a chance to win tangible prizes – not just extra coins.

We will work with you to structure a prize pool that is the right combination of guaranteed and SCA-covered prizes to motivate behavior. And with The Prize SDK, you can quickly integrate it in no time and offer a chance to win up to $2 million per campaign for pennies on the dollar on what it will cost to pay the actual prize.

This new technology has already grabbed the attention of companies eager to launch products or boost their services. YooLotto is an emerging start-up in Dallas, TX with a mobile app that helps users track their lottery tickets. It also notifies users if they have a winning ticket and shows 7-Eleven locations for prize redemption. The company partnered with The Prize SDK to offer a $10,000 prize just for downloading the app.

Businesses are communicating with customers everyday on Facebook. Even if you’re not an avid Facebook user, you know someone who is. Platinum Pools and Lewis-Aquatech recognized that their customers were a part of the growing social network and wanted to start a conversation about its brands. The companies chose to partner with Bleapp and CataBoom to offer Facebook fans a chance to win $5,000 via a scratch-and-win game. Contestants were drawn to the promotion, and it was played more than 14,500 times by 3,160 unique visitors. It created 11,436 Facebook posts, 72,336 newsfeed impressions and the pages combined for 4,209 new likes.

These two case examples are only the beginning of what CataBoom and The Prize SDK are doing for app developers, agencies, and businesses. With the flexibility to match creative implementation and its commitment to results, The Prize SDK’s results will speak for themselves. For more information, visit www.cataboom.com.


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