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| July 30, 2012

It’s an Odd Industry, After All

We live in a truly unique world, and the business landscape reflects that. Some businesses, such as grocers, serve a wide population and other businesses, such as a tool manufacturer, serve few in a highly specialized industry. No matter the size of the target market, there is always a group of customers that needs to hear your message. But, when you offer a highly-specialized product or service, it can be difficult to dream up new ways to grab the attention of these customers.

Some businesses believe that their scope is so narrow that promoting it becomes exceptionally difficult or expensive, if not impossible. After all, it’s difficult to get people excited about a tool that most of the population has no use for, for example. Luckily for you, SCA Promotions is highly transformable and has promotion solutions for companies selling anything in the world.

Events with Prizes
Your business may not be initially appealing to the masses, but you have access to something that everyone does love – cold, hard cash. Hosting an event, such as an open house or product demonstration, will create an avenue for old and new customers alike to browse your selection and see what you have to offer. But, cash is the main event. Use a promotion, such as the Visible Vault, to display the money up for grabs. While many will come for a chance at winning big, you will invariably create new customers and reclaim past customers, all while raising your profile within the community.

Interactive Contests
Nearly all of your customers have access to the Internet now. Even if few people are searching for the products you sell, that doesn’t mean you can’t catch more attention online. There are many fun and engaging ways to find new Internet customers. Facebook contests are becoming an increasingly popular way to capture the social media market. Interactive contests and promotions are also a great way to give your brand a personality, instead of simply being a company selling products or services. Your customers socialize online, and you will be amazed at the power of simply being social, too.

Scratch Cards
While your product may not create roller coaster-esque butterflies, you can easily mimic that thrill with a scratch card promotion. These are easily distributed with purchases or simply in-store, and scratchers can win great in-store prizes or even cash. Let your brand drive the thrill ride of the customizable cards, and watch as the eager-to-win pile into your store.

This list is certainly not exhaustive, and every contest we offer is customized to each client. No two businesses are alike, and our promotions reflect that. You may be hesitating, wondering how your unique business is going to pay out all of this cash to winners. Well, you don’t have to. SCA Promotions’ contests are not only excellent at attracting customers, but we also offer promotional risk coverage. That means you only pay a predetermined flat fee, and we have to dole out the big checks. Contact us today to start building a contest just for you.


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