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| August 28, 2012

Put Your Contests on Ice

If you put the punishing hits of football, the endurance of soccer, and the precision of tennis in a blender, you’d pour out hockey. There are three intermissions during a hockey game just so the players can recuperate. A lesser known reason for the frequent intermissions is so that everyone in the stands can catch their breath.

But, sometimes teams want to keep some sort of excitement on the ice during the breaks in order to keep fans engaged while the players review strategy for the next period. Refueling on snacks only takes so long and fans will soon be back in their seats. Hockey fans are smart, they don’t want to be pandered to. They can smell a lame intermission event from a mile away, so it will take more than a Frisbee-catching dog to keep their attention.

The stakes are high in the world of sports, and teams have begun taking that same approach to in-game entertainment by offering high stakes contests with great cash prizes as a reward – or even brand new cars. Several sponsors were involved with the following contest and were dutifully rewarded with maximum exposure when the contestant went home a millionaire.

Sometimes, it’s not the prizes that capture the crowd but the contestants who are lining up to compete. This team discovered that having a contest with someone who’s never picked up a hockey stick in their life can really ignite the crowd, as well as create a buzz long after the contest has passed. This 59-year-old woman had the task of shooting a puck into a small cutout slot – difficult even for a professional. You’ll have to watch the video to believe what happens next:

This fan had $30,000 on the line when he stepped up to try his hand at a difficult shot during intermission of an NHL game. The shot was so difficult that he began to walk away, assuming his shot wouldn’t make it. But a few seconds later the goal horn cut off the announcer’s shock and the contestant went home $30,000 richer.

SCA Promotions has a wide selection of hockey contests that can be customized to any team’s needs. Hockey fans come to the rink to be captivated by crunching hits and highlight reel goals, don’t let them down with un-interesting intermission contests.  Making a bathroom run shouldn’t be the most exciting part of your intermissions. If you’re worried about the expense of prizes, you’ll be relieved to know that with promotional risk coverage it’s SCA that doles out the prize, not the team. Many teams also create exciting advertising campaigns around their intermission contests to build even more hype. For example, check out this heart pounding commercial that tied the NHL playoffs into their contest.

A captivating hockey contests in not only a win for your fans, but also for your team.


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