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| October 17, 2012

Raise the Bar at Your Bar

Clubs and bars across the country are hot spots for young and old for many reasons. They provide a great place to mingle and spend time with friends while watching the big game or enjoying local music.  Any savvy businessman can see the potential in operating an establishment like that, which is why you see many of them in your town’s hub. But once they open, it can be difficult to stand out. After all, they’re all serving the same purpose – and drinks.

Together with the creativity of SCA Promotions, your bar or restaurant can separate from the competition to establish a loyal customer base by hosting a captivating promotion. Even something as out of this world such as a lunar eclipse can be used to extend your reach in the community. During the last lunar eclipse, SCA teamed up with a local restaurant chain seeking to increase drink sales to offer a modified Money Bags contest. Patrons came to the restaurant the night of the eclipse in hopes of being chosen to select two bags from a group of Money Bags. If a contestant selected the winning bags, he or she drove home in a brand new Mitsubishi Eclipse, supplied by a local dealership that partnered with the restaurant. Not only were sales up for the restaurant during the registration period, but a local radio station also broadcasted the final contest live, creating more publicity for the restaurant.

These types of promotions differentiate your establishment and create buzz around town. But you don’t have to run a big event to get the results you are looking for.  There are also many other types of contests available on a smaller scale that still deliver amazing prizes.

A contest such as “99 Bottles” appeals to people’s desire to try their luck and win big. A winning message is slipped into one of 99 beer bottles, and your patron just has to pick the correct one to win! You’ll have your whole establishment involved and cheering on your contestant, similar to watching winning lotto balls roll out of their jug. Not to mention, one lucky customer may actually be going home with that fantastic prize.

The Visible Vault promotion is another opportunity to offer cash prizes, but in this case the stacks of money are locked away in a clear vault for everyone to see. Each customer has a chance at cracking the code. Being able to see the cash and knowing you’re only a few button presses away from winning it all is an intoxicating feeling that will have customers flowing into your establishment.

The local sports team presents a perfect opportunity for bars to drive sales and traffic.  Offer a season-long score prediction contest that encourages patrons to visit each game to make their score predictions for cash prizes, or choose a lucky patron each game to win if a big play is made on the field.  Your establishment will become known as the hot spot in town to watch sports.

All of these contests offer something that the bar or restaurant next door doesn’t have and that’s an exciting contest coupled with an enticing prize. Don’t be surprised to see spikes in sales while groups make their attempts at winning great prizes. Your competitor across the street won’t be giving away stacks of money, and you’ll see first-hand that it’s costing them business.

When you launch a promotion using SCA Promotions, the rewards are even sweeter because the prizes won’t be coming out of your pocket. Promotional risk coverage places the financial burden directly into our hands, not yours. Contact us today to start standing out.


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