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| December 6, 2012

Refreshing Contests for Drink Companies

For centuries, when people were thirsty they drank water. Not because they chose it, but because it was the only option – except for milk, if you could get it. Now when we’re thirsty we have entire aisles of beverages to choose from. From a consumer perspective, it’s a wonderful situation. But, it’s a tough situation for beverage companies because they compete on the shelves, or in the beverage coolers, against maybe a hundred other choices.  Consumers have become inundated with labels and logos and choices, and it may take a special effort to stand out on the shelf. When companies find themselves in this inevitable situation, they turn to SCA Promotions.

Quenching your thirst is good. Quenching your thirst and having a chance to win stacks of cash is awesome. Pepsi, its agency, and SCA used this angle to create the “Play for One Billion Dollars” contest.  Using codes found on specially-marked products, Pepsi drinkers had a chance to play for $1,000,000,000 – the largest cash prize in promotions history for a national brand – on live TV. Consumers redeemed their codes on a dedicated website, allowing Pepsi to capture valuable demographic information. There were also chances to win $15 instantly. Pepsi then randomly selected 1,000 contestants, who then had a shot at the $1 billion. One lucky contestant went home a millionaire, thanks to the way the contest was structured. Pepsi did more than stand out with extensive media coverage.  They received valuable consumer demographic information when more than 4 million consumers submitted more than 20 million game entries.

Miller Brewing Company was another beverage company looking for increased exposure. Together with the NBA’s Seattle Supersonics, SCA was there to facilitate a half-time contest that could pay out $100,000. The contest was to shoot a basket from half court during halftime . In the weeks leading up to the promotion, Miller was at the forefront of consumers’ minds by hosting radio shows, bar events, watch parties, and signing contestants up for a chance to win. Those contestants lucky enough to be randomly selected attended a training camp, where one shooter would emerge as the contestant to shoot at halftime. With a thundering crowd around him, Brad Kaul nailed the half-court shot and walked away with $100,000 and an arena full of memories.

Both Pepsi and Miller recognized the need to do something different to stand out on a shelf packed with choices. It takes more than a flashy label to be successful marketing beverages today. Brands that make a concentrated effort to get in front of customers and offer them more than a drink – inside and outside stores – will continue to find success in the highly-competitive industry. The best part of an SCA contest is promotional risk coverage, which means SCA gives you the money to award any winners. This allows you to set your marketing budget and eliminate surprises. Contact us today to start standing out.


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