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| May 8, 2012

Take Me Out To the Ballgame, Contests

There isn’t much debate when it comes to whether or not Americans like sports. Professional sports leagues continue to rake in record breaking revenues, as evidenced by the MLB growing from $1 Billion in revenue in 1995, to $7 Billion in 2010. Smaller minor league teams in several sports are sprouting up all over the country. And, while we all love to go to these games to cheer on our favorite super-athletes, we’re also there to be entertained. Many teams have realized the power of other entertainment methods, especially the contests that keep our attention between innings or during commercial breaks.

Sports fans love an underdog, and contests are no different. When one lucky fan is plucked from the crowd to attempt a sports feat under the spotlight, he has the crowd’s full support. These various sports contests not only send your crowd into a frenzy, but also generate free publicity.  The fan you choose will be telling everyone he meets about his amazing experience at your game. For example, this man hit a 50 yard field goal that netted him $1 million, paid by SCA Promotions. Even the players themselves are celebrating with him as the fireworks go off.

It’s not just basketball reaping the rewards of contests. Nearly every sport you can think of hosts fan contests. As summer arrives, baseball will be in full swing. Millions of glove toting youngsters and adults alike will head to the ballpark to enjoy our national pastime. And, from the majors all the way down to A ball, teams are using contests to keep the turnstiles turning and the fans smiling. Not to mention, you could end up with one very happy fan on your side.

What frightens most teams is that big check that may be changing hands. You may think that by offering a $1 million prize, you’ll be on the hook for that money. At SCA, that isn’t the case. By using promotional risk coverage through SCA Promotions, teams can offer incredible cash prizes while only actually paying for a fraction of the prize money.  If the attempt is successful, SCA pays the rest. So if one of your fans hits that amazing shot, you can join them in their celebration and not worry about the financial impact.

SCA Promotions offers contests for baseball, basketball, football, and nearly every other professional sport…even fishing. Your fans have been loyal to your team for years, so send them away with a smile even if the scoreboard isn’t in your favor.  Take a look at our vast offerings of sports contests. You’re sure to find a contest that will get your fans on their feet.


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