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| August 30, 2012

The Ingredients of a Great Contest

The Ingredients of a Great Contest

When it comes to creating a contest to drive attention to your business, there is an endless supply of ideas. But, how can you know which one will work for your business? The first step is learning what worked and didn’t work for others. Experience is the greatest teacher, and with over 26 years of experience in the promotion industry, we’ve found these contest qualities to pack the most punch.

Great Prizes

The best part of any contest is the prizes. While the gameplay or contest may be an exciting thrill, contestants are lining up because they have a chance to go home a winner. But the problem for business owners is coming up with an enticing prize that will have people lined up around the block for a chance to win. While prizes such as cars or vacations may seem like a perfect idea, there are often complications once the winner has received the prize, such as taxes for the car or traveling expenses for the vacation. You don’t want to saddle your winners with a financial burden by winning.

Because of this, CASH IS KING!  A cash prize is ‘one-size-fits-all’ and has far fewer complications than using a car, for example. It is also important to offer various prize levels to ensure that more people go home happy, even if the grand prize isn’t won. The contest won’t do your business any good if too many people go home sour.

An Engaging Contest

While prizes are a great start, how you’re going to award them can be a difficult decision. Most companies that host a contest do so to gain valuable information or leads about potential customers. While having visitors fill out a sheet of paper to be entered for a prize may be cost-effective, it’s nearly certain that your contest will never create buzz that way. A contest that is outside the box and fun for participants will catch everyone’s attention. This is why SCA offers contests that are not only exciting to win, but fun to play as well. Contests such as Money Bags™ and Visible Vault™ are called Games of Chance. These contests are completely customizable, designed to fit within not only your budget but overall goal of your marketing campaign. Also offered are games of skill, such as Throw for Dough™ and Shuffle Hockey™.

To tie your prize and contest together, you need to ensure that people know about it. A contest deployed via social media has proven to be very effective and helps create a viral effect. That’s why social media marketing is also known as “word of mouth” marketing. Depending on your target audience, you may want to ramp up advertising as the event draws near. You know your audience best, don’t be afraid to go after them.

Ensuring your contest has all of these qualities can not only be time consuming, but you also may not have the resources available. Fortunately, you have help. SCA Promotions has a massive collection of contests ready to be deployed at your business.  Using promotional risk coverage, you can offer incredible cash prizes, with only a fraction coming out of your pocket. You pay a fixed fee based on the prize value, number of attempts, and odds of winning.  Contact us now to create a contest that will have your new customers raving about your business.


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