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| May 14, 2012

To Contest or Not to Contest?

As a business owner, you know the importance of providing value to your customers. It’s what keeps your customers coming back to your business instead of the competition. But in age of the Internet, customers are increasingly able to find better deals at the push of a button. There are even smart phone applications that let shoppers see the price of an item down the street, while standing in your store. How can you keep your customers loyal and excite them as well?

In-store and online contests have long been a staple of businesses across the world. There are no better ways to catch potential customers’ attention than by offering a car, a shopping spree, or a cash prize. At SCA Promotions, we’ve recognized that businesses of all sizes could benefit from these types of contests and promotions. That’s why we created various promotional programs to let your business offer an amazing prize without the risk of blowing your budget.

Over-Redemption Coverage
While a huge rush of customers eager to take advantage of your promotional offer can be great, it can have a negative side effect. Low inventory and too many coupons redeemed at once can result in a disaster. While you may be able to quickly recover from low inventory, suddenly being in a financial shortfall may be harder to overcome. We recognized this potential issue and created Over-Redemption Coverage. Protecting yourself from over-redemption will not only prevent your accountant from storming out, but also ensure every customer walks away happy. When you use Over-Redemption Coverage, you are only responsible for the predetermined fixed fee. If more customers than expected redeem your offer, SCA makes the payment.

Grand Prize Coverage
The biggest perceived roadblocks to offering a contest with a door-busting grand prize are the financial implications. Not many businesses can look at the company’s financial statements and feel that they’re in the position to potentially hand out checks for $25,000, $50,000, and especially $1 million. Our promotional risk coverage allows businesses like yours to offer great prizes that will entice your current customers – and your competition’s customers, as well. And while a million dollar contest may make your customers’ eyes pop, your eyes will do the same when you realize that you can offer it while only paying for 3 – 15% of the actual prize value being offered. If someone wins the grand prize, SCA pays, not you. Since 1986, we’ve doled out $171 million to our clients.

Operating a business in the black is no easy task, but at SCA Promotions it’s our job to give you the tools needed to grow your business with a defined, reasonable up front and fixed cost. Our business promotions are highly customizable to ensure that your customers are engaged and having fun. Contact us today for a free quote. Your customer walking out with a stack of cash will be glad you did.


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